The Nyandarua (Aberdare) water tower (is the source of water for millions of Kenyans living in Murang’a, Kiambu, Laikipia and Nyeri counties, among others. Nyandarua Rivers generate power through several hydro power plants located in central and eastern regions of Kenya.   They also provide most of the domestic, irrigation and industrial water for Eastern and Coastal regions of Kenya.

Our mission is to:


Advocate for formalized environmental protection of the Nyandarua Water towers, funded by the primary beneficiaries of Nyandarua Rivers.

Provide youth with knowledge and skills to exploit the rivers for fish farming and tourist water sport activities. This economic lifeline would be taken away if the rivers do not have enough flow.

Provide information to communities that depend on the Nyandarua water towers and empower them to   make wise decisions when projects that impact their welfare are planned.

Offer advice, technical assistance and resources to communities so that they are able to plan for a balanced use of the rivers.

Provide Northern Collector Tunnel (NCT) information to Murang’a County Communities so they are aware of the many irreversible harmful consequences from the project. 

To stop construction of the Northern Collector Tunnel project as it is currently planned.

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Full Appeal Document

Environment and Social Impact Report

Report of the Technical Committee on Northern Collector Tunnel Project

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  • We invite you to Join us to preserve Nyandarua Catchment and its Rivers
  • Assist us achieve our goal of protecting the Nyandarua Mountain Range water Towers.
  • Get involved by becoming a member of the Organization,
  • Signing petitions, donating funds or technical capacity,
  • Talking to elected leaders and asking them to get involved,
  • Share information with your friends and urging them to join the Organization.

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