Aberdare rivers

Our vision is to protect all the rivers that flow from Nyandarua Mountain range (Aberdare) from opportunistic, unsustainable flow extraction and environmental degradation.

Unsustainable extraction consists of diverting excessive amounts of water from the rivers without making allowances for the domestic, livestock, agricultural (irrigation) and industrial water requirements for the downstream communities and also the flow to maintain the rivers in a healthy condition.

We are alarmed due to two large water projects by the Athi Water ServicesBoard (AWSB) to divert water from most of the Nyandarua water tower and pipe it to the Nairobi Metropolitan area. Phase One of the projects, which are referred as the Northern Collector Tunnel (NCT) will collect about 140, 000 cubic meters per day from the Irati, Maragua and Gikigie rivers through a tunnel that is three meters wide in diameter. This is a very large tunnel and even if all the three rivers are emptied into it, it won’t fill. Phase Two would collect a similar volume from the North Mathioya, Hembe, Githugi and South Mathioya rivers. If the projects are constructed, Murang’a County rivers might dry up or have flow similar to one seen during prolonged drought. This would harm the economy, social fabric and environment. Like all other Kenyans, we desire the Metropolitan residents to have adequate water. However, the NCT projects appear to be exploitative, unbalanced, and would do more harm than good to Murang’a County among other counties.

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