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Please Assist Prevent Environmental Disasters That May Follow if Northern Collector Tunnel (NCT) in Aberdares Region-Kenya is Constructed In Its Proposed Form. 

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The Nyandarua (Aberdare) water tower (is the source of water for millions of Kenyans living in Murang’a, Kiambu, Laikipia and Nyeri counties, among others.   Nyandarua Rivers generate power through several hydro power plants located in central and eastern regions of Kenya.   They also provide most of the domestic, irrigation and industrial water for Eastern and Coastal regions of Kenya. Our mission is to:

v  Provide information to communities that depend on the Nyandarua water towers and   empower them to make informed decisions and shape public policy regarding projects that are planned to withdraw water from the rivers. From the Technical Report, by 2030, the Tana and Athi water basins would have water deficits. It is important for communities to provide input regarding how the riverswater is shared.

v  Provide Northern Collector Tunnel (NCT) information to Murang’a County Communities so they are aware of the many irreversible harmful consequences from the project.  On April 2015, a Technical Committee that was commissioned by the Murang’a County government submitted a report which states that the project will cause severe water shortages in Murang’a County and create river flow similar to that seen during prolonged drought. Armed with accurate information, it will be easy for the communities to decide whether the project should be constructed as planned.

v  Offer advice, technical assistance and resources to communities so that they are able to plan and implement beneficial projects.

v  Provide youth with knowledge and skills to exploit the rivers for fish farming and tourist water sport activities. This economic lifeline would be taken away if the rivers do not have enough flow.

v  Advocate for the water rights of downstream communities, equitable sharing of the available all-weather flow and the protection and perseveration of river habitat. We would like to promote the participation of communities regarding water sharing and sustainable river management.

v  Encourage communities to implement rain water harvesting projects, conservation and water efficient irrigation methods.

v  Encourage government agencies to implement comprehensive basin planning, instead of lone projects.  Comprehensive basin planning will assure that the need of all basin users are planned for.

v  Advocate for formalized environmental protection of the Nyandarua Water towers, funded by the primary beneficiaries of Nyandarua Rivers.

At this stage, our organization has limited resources and capacity to focus on all the listed objectives. We are starting by focusing on all the Northern Collector Tunnel issues as the project has the most harmful and immediate impacts. In order to succeed, we are seeking new members and financial contributors.  Right now, we are seeking financial contribution to fund an appeal through the National Environmental Tribunal (NET). The appeal is challenging the validity of the NEMA license for the project issued to the project proponent Athi Water Services Board (AWSB).

We have also been listed, through one of our members, as an interested party in a court matter pitting AWSB against NET in which AWSB has filed a judicial review application challenging jurisdiction of NET in adjudicating decisions made by NEMA. This matter is at the High Court.

If you believe in the future of Murang’a County and other counties that depend on Nyandarua(Aberdare) rivers , join us,  contribute and make the County a better place for us and future generations!

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Unresolved Issues on North Collector Tunnel

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To assist you learn more about the Organization and our mission, we have created a library of documents, reports, and photos of the Northern Collector Tunnel (NCT) project the targeted rivers and other community projects. We encourage all visitors to this website to view or read the documents. We will continue to add documents as they become available.

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